Michiroom butoh laboratory

After “the journey” | 01/05/2013

My performance “Microscopic Journey” was held on 11/17.I performed with my favorite artists.  photo by Erin K.
Michiru Inoue Butoh performance

After we finished our performance,we talked with audience as Q&A. Some audience told me they’d never seen that style of performance.I’ve been aiming to show “unknown existance”.So I was so happy with their impressions.

Thanks for coming everyone!!

Video(whole the performance)
Video(a digest version)


    Michiroom butoh laboratory

    photo Makoto Onozuka

    Michiru INOUE Butoh ODOLIST vol.8

    photo Yuriko Ookubo

    Michiru INOUE todonomatsuri photo Yuriko Ookubo


    What’s butoh?

    It's just "I am here now".I think Butoh is created by one's self who would like to do it.So I'm sure that if there are one hundred Butoh dancers,there are one hundred styles of Butoh.
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