Michiroom butoh laboratory

About Michiru INOUE

michiru inoue butoh

photo Makoto Onozuka

Michiru Inoue, from Japan, is a Butoh dancer who has been performing Butoh since 1999. With no teacher and no pattern in her performances, she creates her own unique style instead. In 2001, Michiru won the New Artist Award of the Japan Dance Critics Association. She participated in Dance Hakushu Festival (Hokuto city), Tatara Matsuri (Terpsichore), and many other projects.Currently she has been improvising experimental sessions.

1975 Born in Miyazaki,Japan
1997 Musashino Art University,Japanese style painting,B.A.
1999 Met a Butoh and made a debut peformed
2000 Solo performed「Hanaurimusume-A flower girl」
2001 Solo performed「Todonomatsuri-The carnival of Todo-」
     Won the New Artist Award of the Japan Dance Critics
2003 Joined project Dance Hakushu Festival
     Solo performed 「Biwarabi-A fern beauty-」
2004 Solo Performed「Princess moss」/ART SPACE MASUO
2005 Performed Ubu ubu 「Bilboquet-in the forenoon
     of a Faun-」/Musashino entertainment theater
2006 Joined project Haruno tatara matsuri
     Solo performed「Todono taiboku-A great tree of Todo-」
     Performed ubu ubu Butoh-theatre「Cabaret」
     /Tokyo babylon
2007 Performed ubu ubu Butoh-theatre「Butoh isu」
     /Tokyo babylon
     Performed ubu ubu Butoh-theatre「Butoh kutsu」
     /Tokyo babylon
     Performed TNEMAKISUGITE 
     「Noudoutekiuchuzou-Farming cosmic images-」
     /ART LAND
     Joined project Akinono tatara matsuri
     Solo performed「Todorikosou-A lamium of Todo-」
2008 Performed TNEMAKISUGITE 
     「Noudoutekiuchuzou-Farming cosmic images-」
     Solo performed in Pudding and Todo
     「Todonomatsuri-The carnival of Todo-」/ART LAND
2009 Joined project Haruno tatara matsuri
     Solo performed「Haruurimusume」/Terpsichore
     Performed in Otodamafuri(guest)/ART LAND
     Solo performed「Todonomatsuri-The carnival of Todo-」
     Joined Delfino nero performed with Mitsutaka Ishii
2010 Started up ODOLIST Series
     ODOLIST vol.1「Kusa to niku-weed and mass」
     /ART LAND
     ODOLIST vol.2「Burai-Vagabond」/ART LAND
     ODOLIST vol.3「Migiwa-shore」/Tama river
     Joined project Dance ga mitai12
     Solo performed「Mizutamari ningyo-A mermaid
     in a puddle」/die pratze
     ODOLIST vol.4「Katamari to Tamashii-Mass and soul」
     /Tama river
     ODOLIST vol.5「Bakaraba-It’s my stage」
     /ISLAND Laputa
2011 ODOLIST vol.6「the microscopic journey」
     /ISLAND Laputa
     ODOLIST vol.7「Kusa to niku2-weed and mass2」
     /Tama river
     ODOLIST vol.8「Minamo-impression of water」
     /Tama river
     ODOLIST vol.9「the microscopic journey」
     /Cafe MURIWUI
     Joined Art exhibision Tsuguo Yanai
     Solo performed「Minamo-impression of water」
     /PAS Washi art studio
2012 ODOLIST vol.10「the microscopic journey」
     /Cafe MURIWUI
     Moved to NYC,U.S.A.
     Joined project「Bushwick Open Studios2013」
     /Hybrid Theatre Works (NY)
     Performed with Tamio Shiraishi,Cammisa Buerhaus
     Joined project「ENSO Finale Multimedia Performance」
     Performed「Microscopic Journey」
2013  Performed with Masami Irumagawa(Cello)「In an alley」
     /Gallery surge
       Performed with Tamio Shiraishi「The first reunion」
     /Tama river
     Joined project「Butoh seiryu-kai studio performance」
     /Butoh seiryu-kai studio
     Performed with Tamio Shiraishi
     /Silent barn(NY)
     Performed in 「1+2+3 Series」 
     /Ditmas Park(NY)
     Performed with LAGHIMA 
     Performed in Open Music Ensemble 
     /Saint Peter’s Church(NY)

All performances were also choreographied by Michiru Inoue since 2000(except ubu ubu Butoh-theatre)


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    Michiroom butoh laboratory

    photo Makoto Onozuka

    Michiru INOUE Butoh ODOLIST vol.8

    photo Yuriko Ookubo

    Michiru INOUE todonomatsuri photo Yuriko Ookubo


    What’s butoh?

    It's just "I am here now".I think Butoh is created by one's self who would like to do it.So I'm sure that if there are one hundred Butoh dancers,there are one hundred styles of Butoh.