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” D U M M I E S ” video release

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The video performance “D U M M I E S” has released by Gian Luigi Diana on You_Tube. We recorded two sets which were quite different sounds and movements. recording in NYC, Video by G.L.Diana 
The first set( D U M M I E S 000I )
Gian Luigi Diana : sitar, gopichand, percussions
KenYa Kawaguchi : jinashi-nobe-shakuhachi SnapCrab_NoName_2013-12-21_11-11-47_No-00video(You_Tube)

The second set( D U M M I E S 000II )
 Gian Luigi Diana : ‘mbira, tibetan flute, bottle, voice
KenYa Kawaguchi : jinashi-nobe-shakuhachi D U M M I E S 00II )( Michiru Inoue-G.L.Diana-KenYa Kawaguchi NY,12 05 2013 .


Brooklyn IBeam gig

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11/21/2013, with Frederika Krier: violin and Gian Luigi Diana: laptop and KenYa Kawaguchi: Jinashi-Nobe-Shakuhachi at IBeam. I’m glad to perform togther with  Frederika Krier who is a powerful violinist at first. Also I like the venue, is “IBeam” which has a high ceiling.
 LAGHIMA(Frederika:violin & Gian:laptop)LAGHIMA(Frederika:violin & Gian:laptop)
M.Inoue_F.Krier_K.Kawaguchi_G.L.Diana @ IBEAM, NY 11 21 2013 .


Outdoor performance in winter

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1/19/2013  Fortunately the day was less colder than recent days.We just carried out performing “an outdoor performance” at 5pointz.
Butoh outdoor performance02

Michiru Inoue: Butoh
KenYa Kawaguchi: Jinashi-Nobe-Shakuhachi
Gian Luigi Diana: laptop/real time sound processing
Butoh outdoor performance01

After “the journey”

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My performance “Microscopic Journey” was held on 11/17.I performed with my favorite artists.  photo by Erin K.
Michiru Inoue Butoh performance

After we finished our performance,we talked with audience as Q&A. Some audience told me they’d never seen that style of performance.I’ve been aiming to show “unknown existance”.So I was so happy with their impressions.

Thanks for coming everyone!!

Video(whole the performance)
Video(a digest version)

Up coming!!Butoh performance

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11/16Fri./2012   Michiru Inoue Butoh
infomation about the performance

Microscopic journey Butoh Michiru Inouephotos(Right):Peter Gannushkin / DOWNTOWNMUSIC.NET
Michiru Inoue(Butoh)
Tamio Shiraishi(sax)
Cammisa Buerhaus(pipe organ)
KenYa Kawaguchi(Jinashi-Nobe-Shakuachi)

at Resobox (Long Island City, NY) 
Door open 7:00pm start7:30pm
suggested donation of $10

Michiru Inoue describes Butoh as “not only a physical action to me, it also can be a live being itself. I have been aiming to create my Butoh-being, which can be formed only ‘here’ and ‘now’.“  Among the days, MICROSCOPIC JOURNEY has reached here. MICROSCOPIC JOURNEY is the most microscopic “world journey.”

11/10sat. perticipate ENSO Finale: Exploring Zen
Lecture and Multimedia Performance →info.
at Resobox 6:30pm-9;30pm
admission fee:$5

Resobox ENSO(By Resobox)
Please join us for an evening to explore your inner Zen through a lecture on Zen practice and an art/music/dance performancethat will sure help you delve into an absolutely magical world of Zen sensation. This event is brought to you by Resobox, along with New York Zendo Shobo-ji and the wonderful performers.

In a basement

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7/17(tue.) Performance with Cammisa(organ) and Tamio Shiraishi(sax)
at The Ho_se in Bushwick.
That was a microscopic place in a basement.
The performance was featured on this website.→HERE!!
0717 Michiru,Cammisa, Tamio in HO_SE0717 Michiru,Cammisa, Tamio in HO_SE

Perfoamance in Greenpoint

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Most recent performance with Tamio Shiraishi(sax) in Greenpoint  Thanks for coming…Perfoamance with Tamio Shiraishi(sax) in Greenpoint

On rooftop

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On currently in progress,with Cammisa(Organ) and Tamio(sax) on rooftop 6/11/ before dawn  →See videoMichiru Inoue,Cammisa(Organ) and Tamio(sax) on rooftop
in Bushwick Open Studio2012 Thanks!
photo Carla Franchesca→more photosMicroscopic Journey in Bushwick

Perfoamance with Tamio Shiraishi(sax) in Greenpoint
◆6/23sat.7PM Start
@530Kingsland ave. Brooklyn, NY
>>>Next to Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
It takes about 20 minutes from Greenpoint Av.st.(G train)
Sax Tamio  Shiraishi
Butoh Michiru Inoue
Jinashi-Nobe-Shakuhachi KenYa Kawaguchi

The last performance(5/27/2012)
Perfoamance with Tamio Shiraishi(super soprano sax) in Greenpoint

Bushwick Open Studios 2012 Participating!

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Bushwick Open Studios 2012 Participating!
Borderline Bushwick- a site-specific performance tourBorderline Bushwick- a site-specific performance tour

6/3Sun.4 PM … Jefferson L train Stop
@ Jefferson and Wyckoff
Jinashi-nobe-shakuhachi:KenYa Kawaguchi
Michiru Inoue ODOLIST 10I’d like to meet “A site-specific”place around the L Train stop,and to make  “A site-specific” performance cross a border. We might be able to create own piece that is unlike any other. It’s just here.

In a series of public site-specific performances around Bushwick, we ask artists to respond to the borders that divide our world, our country, our communities and ourselves. The performance “tour” will end in a rooftop party with music, BBQ, drinks and fun!
New site-specific performance works by:
Molly Schaffner
Elaine Avila &
Heidi Carlsen
Rebecca Martinez &
Isobel Bruce
Alex Celeste Muniz
Laura Riveros
Michiru Inoue
Francis Mateo
Tracy Cameron Francis
J.J. El-Far

    Michiroom butoh laboratory

    photo Makoto Onozuka

    Michiru INOUE Butoh ODOLIST vol.8

    photo Yuriko Ookubo

    Michiru INOUE todonomatsuri photo Yuriko Ookubo


    What’s butoh?

    It's just "I am here now".I think Butoh is created by one's self who would like to do it.So I'm sure that if there are one hundred Butoh dancers,there are one hundred styles of Butoh.
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