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Dancing in nature…

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07/05/2014 I participated in `Share Camp2014`in upstate. I started to perform in front of a barn with improvisers ,playing instruments or working live visuals.SnapCrab_NoName_2014-8-11_15-57-41_No-00 I really love dancing in nature. Nature could be a great theater!!
Butoh performance by Michiru Inoue @ Share Camp 2014

Michiru Inoue – Butoh Dance
KenYa Kawaguchi – bamboo flute
Steven Speers – reed flute
Geoff Matters – live visuals
VTP by WvS

This is the same barn in the daytime!!
Photo 2014-07-06 12 02 25


Participated Creative Music Studio Spring WS

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The Creative Music Studio’s Spring 2014 workshop took place between June 9 – 13 at the Full Moon Resort, nestled streamside in a valley 30 minutes west of Woodstock, NY.  I was the first participant to this workshop as a dancer. It had been excited days with attractive CMS Guiding Artists, such as  Henry Threadgill, Joe Lovano, Tyshawn Sorey, Marilyn Crispell, Peter Apfelbaum, Warren Smith, Judi Silvano, and of course Creative Music Foundation co-founders Karl Berger and Ingrid Sertso. 



Session with Ken Filiano: Base
KenYa Kawaguchi: Jinashi-nobe-shakuhachi
Michiru Inoue: Butoh

IMG_3221Dancing with  Karl Berger

    Michiroom butoh laboratory

    photo Makoto Onozuka

    Michiru INOUE Butoh ODOLIST vol.8

    photo Yuriko Ookubo

    Michiru INOUE todonomatsuri photo Yuriko Ookubo


    What’s butoh?

    It's just "I am here now".I think Butoh is created by one's self who would like to do it.So I'm sure that if there are one hundred Butoh dancers,there are one hundred styles of Butoh.
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